Why Does My Sweat Smell?

What it is: Sweat is the body’s natural mechanism for cooling sweat smellourselves down.  It is moisture which is exuded through our pores in the skin, typically in response to heat, fever or even fear.

Why does it smell: Sweat itself does not smell.  Body odour, or B.O, is actually the smell of bacteria. The warm, damp conditions of our armpits are the environment for bacteria to thrive in and create smelly odours.

What it smells like: Every one sweats but not everyone has smelly sweat.  Other than hygiene, some foods can cause sweat to smell more than others because in itself it can cause you to sweat.  Hot peppers, chilli and spicy foods might contribute to body odour.  Foods such as onions or garlic can also be carried in the sweat

Tips: Here are a few tips to reduce the smell of your sweat.

  • Always keep deodorant nearby or in your bag for a top up
  • Keep armpits dry and clean
  • Shower regularly
  • Ensure armpits are dry before applying deodorant

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