What Does Surströmming Smell Like?

What it is: Surströmming, also known as the “zombie of the sea” is a Swedish dish containing fermented herring. Baltic herring. It What does Surströmming smell likeis also commonly called “Scandinavian rotten fish and you will soon see why.

The herring in question is captured in spring and left to ferment in barrels for about two months.  At that point it is then tinned, where the fermentation actually continues for another 6 months at least.

Sold in cans, Surströmming is surprisingly popular.

What it smells like:  Surströmming smells quite disgusting.  Can you imagine the scent of a dumpster, in the heat of summer, full of fish and used dirty diapers that has not been emptied for over month?

Tips: If you are game, Surströmming is generally eaten with thin bread but to dull the scent, people very often add potatoes, onions, dill, chives and sometimes sour cream. Oh and wear a mask.

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