What Does Dust Smell Like?

What it is: Dust is fine, powdery particles, made up of dirt, or waste.  dust smell likeIt can be found on the ground, on all surfaces and even in the air.

What it smells like:  It is quite hard to explain the smell of dust.  Sometimes all you can say is that it smells dusty, which clearly does not help.

It has a unique smell.  If we consider a metaphor, instead of an actual description, you could almost explain the smell of dust by saying it is like years of forgetfulness and neglect.

Tips: Did you know that many people crave dust?  People love the taste of dust and can often find themselves wiping it off window ledges and corners of the house.

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  1. Sulphur says:

    I can relate to people who love the smell and taste of dust, actually, but let’s get on with it, shall we?
    Dust has a very dry, powder-y smell to it, kind of like a new house, but less potent. I find that it has a slight hint of sweetness accompanying the other tastes, but that might just be me.The taste is similar to the scent.There really is no other good way to describe it.

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