What Does Castor Oil Smell Like?

What it is: Castor oil is a thick liquid that resembles traditional what does castor oil smell likecooking oil.  It is widely used for a number of reasons including as a    laxative, and even externally for skin ailments.  Castor oil is also used as a means to naturally induce labor for pregnant women however please seek advice before doing so.

What it smells like: Most castor oil is almost odourless or has a subtle smell that resembles cooling oil.  Jamaican Black Castor Oil has a smoky odour to it.

Tips: Because of its resemblance to traditional oil, it is not something easy taken.  Most people mix it with something else before drinking it to disguise the flavour and texture. When used on the skin or the hair, you can add and essential oil to fragrance it such as peppermint or yang ylang.

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