What Do Truffles Smell Like?

What it is: The exclusive truffle is actually a fungus that grows under truffles smellthe ground and are typically found by well trained dogs who are able to sniff out their aroma which is strong when ripe.

You can get both black and white truffles and depending on the region where they are from there can be many differences.  Black truffles are used in cooking whilst white truffles are used as a garnish only.

What it smells like: Truffles have more of an aroma, or smell, than a taste. They have an earthy scent and are very similar to mushrooms in that respect and in some cases a distinctly moldy odour like aged cheese.

Tips:   The white truffle is the most expensive and taste similar to a porcini mushroom.  Look out for truffle oil too, but remember it is very strong so you only need a couple of drops.




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